When culture pops, we wipe it up … PopBytes is an honest-to-goodness blog direct from Hollywood! Founder and Editor-in-chief MK and company (see below) cover what really matters … film, music, television and people … plus hilarious insights on the latest celebrity gossip, scoops and scandals! At PopBytes you’ll never know who or what will pop next … updated daily with love since September 2003!

Michael Knudsen

MK (short for Michael Knudsen) first started PopBytes back in September of 2003 while trying to make a website for his design portfolio, the site quickly turned into one of the premiere blog destinations for all things pop culture! He currently lives in Los Angeles (Hollywood) with his husband Ivan and their three dogs (Parker, Fidel and Candy), three cats (Mitzi, Mindy and Charlie), and an Amazon parrot named Max, plus many fancy goldfish! Before taking on Los Angeles, MK lived in New York City for seven years where he attended Marymount Manhattan College for his undergraduate work in Communication Arts and received his Masters Degree in Media Studies at The New School University. In his spare time, MK enjoys watching lots of TV, playing video games and obsessing over Liza Minnelli!

Jeremy Feist Jeremy Feist: The world’s least likely gay pornstar. He grew up in Montreal with loving parents, three brothers, and a dog named Kahlua. He then dropped out of College to work as a freelance writer and an adult entertainer. In his spare time, he likes to bake, play Super Mario Bros, and silently judge people who wear Ed Hardy. He once defeated thirty ninjas with nothing but a credit card and a ukulele, and has been deemed too hot for international airspace. Also, his feet look weird. Follow Jeremy on Twitter: @Jeremy_Feist
Alex Nagorski Alex Nagorski: When Alex was nine, he tried everything he could think of to publish his first memoir: a fully illustrated account of his conversations with Harold, the talking shovel who lived in the neighborhood playground’s sandbox. Years later, his life story is still unpublished and he feels slightly nostalgic over anything that digs. During the week, he works in Program Advertising at HBO. On weekends, you can find him watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia marathons, thinking of ways to become Kate Winslet’s best friend or crying about the nutrition facts of Momofuku cookies. Follow Alex on Twitter: @AlexNagorski and visit his website, Headphone Infatuation.
Bruce Russo Jr. Bruce Russo Jr.: To write this bio I had to refer to my now defunct OkCupid profile. I was much more clever when I was hunting for love. Now I spend my time obsessing over Lana Del Rey and feeling nostalgic for the 90s. I have a degree in postmodern American literature which has garnered nothing but me over-thinking everything, from Bravo reality-TV to the meaning of life. I like coffee and travel to Seattle every year to ponder in my favorite cafés. You can usually find me in Brooklyn playing Hole songs on the jukebox at your favorite dive bar. Follow Bruce on Twitter: @octoberxswimmer and visit his website, A Place to Bury My Thoughts.
Daniel Christopher Preda Daniel Christopher Preda: A new addition to Team PopBytes, Daniel recently moved to Los Angeles after his undergraduate in Broadcast Journalism and Media Communications at Northeastern University in Boston. As the youngest child to Romanian parents who immigrated to the US, Daniel was raised with the mentality that through hard work, perseverance, and honesty, all things are possible, which has stayed with him during his collegiate career. When he is not working (a rarity), Daniel loves writing, classic films, cooking, hiking, paddle-boarding, traveling, and frequenting the Melrose Trading Post and Farmers Market. Follow Daniel on Twitter: @MisterPreda
Eric Rickert Eric Rickert: A writer / artist / playlist-maker living in Brooklyn, by way of Kentucky. This short history pretty much sums him up: on the night he was born, his mother waited to go to the hospital until the latest episode of Dallas was finished, and his dad had over 15,000 records in the basement and would quiz him weekly on Fleetwood Mac, Prince and the Rolling Stones, usually when the family was watching Silk Stalkings. Now he lives to quote Ashley Judd in casual conversation. He doesn’t reference Ashley too often on Twitter (@errickert) though. You can check more about him at ericrickert.com.

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