Zeb Atlas isn’t a singer? You don’t say …

Zeb Atlas isn’t a singer? You don’t say …
January 21, 2011 JEREMY FEIST

So you’ll remember a couple days ago I posted the Zeb Atlas music video, which has pretty much been spreading like wildfire, as all things that are so bad they drive past good, double-lap bad and loop around back to good again do. Well, Zeb’s record label is apparently very, very disappointed you didn’t like his video and wants you to shut your mouth-hole.

The intention of this project (and Zeb will agree with this) is not to proclaim to the world that he is a singer but to create a product that fans will enjoy visually as well as musically by ensuring that Zeb is aiming to be nothing but himself. So, you queens out there, please refrain from making any bitchy comments and just sit back, chill and enjoy Zeb and if you want to see more future dance productions with Zeb, please support us by spending just 99p on downloading the track from iTunes where the single is expected to be released in February ’11. SOURCE

Look, we get it: Everyone wants to be a singer, because it’s fun! That being said, if you know he’s not a singer, yet try to pass him off as a singer, don’t be surprised when people call him out for exactly that. We respect Zeb for giving it a go, as well for creating a video that was gayer than eight guys blowing nine guys. Just bow out with some dignity and leave it at that.