hey kids – its been too long – since friday’s good news – i was buzzing all weekend about it – im still so thrilled to have my banner picked! will keep you all in the loop on courtney’s appearance on jay leno next week – i cant wait – and i hope i can get a ticket! just one is all i need!

so much to spout on i think i need to do a quick hit list – and i will revisit for story time tomorrow!

1. ON-AIR WITH RYAN SEACREST – i was in attendance for todays live show from hollywood and highland – all because TORI AMOS was playing! to promote her new DVD/CD due may 18 – titled WELCOME TO SUNNY FLORIDA! tori was gracious – ryan was hot – and my line buddy melissa was excellent company – and we met two of the nicest ladies from new orleans – hey beth and nicole – these gals were a hoot – and totally helped pass the long time awaiting – i got there at 730 – and taping was at 12 – people had been there since 230am – but thats how tori fans go! also a shout out to miss raven – hush child – its ‘secret’!

2. very quickly FOREVER EDEN has moved to fridays on FOX – and this does not look like paradise – and as jordan put it – this is hell – and ruth england the cutesy brit host – is actually the queen of hell – i still say long live neveen!

3. KILL BILL VOL 2 – the bride returns – oh ms. uma – and guess what kiddies – im seeing it THIS FRIDAY one week early at a DGA screening – with a wonderful client of mine – who just happens to be in the semi finalist round of the next PROJECT GREENLIGHT on BRAVO this time – HBO passed – and who knows the third time could be the charm! will fill you in on KILL BILL VOL 2 asap – ebert and roeper gave it two huge thumbs up – oh i cant wait to see how it ends – but we all know THE BRIDE – will KILL BILL!

4. OPRAH is BACK!!!!!!!!!! no more repeats! today was a great spring kickoff – with the release of the POP STAR CHALLENGE cd – the group of 8 did a great song together called STAND – and the winner – the AMAZING lashell griffin – sang HER AMAZING single FREE – it was just the best – here is a mom – in her thirties – who kept on dreaming – and dudes it all came true for her – and she has the voice of an angel – you all must hear the single – im going to post information on where to here a sample – or even purchase the CD – oprah is not making a dime – all monies made – go to the eight – and i think we are just seeing the beginning of lashell – you go girl!

5. this boy is beat – too much going on – courtney – tori – ryan – its been a blur – more soon!

AND on a very fun new note – be on the lookout for popbytes next site in early development – but the address is to be hollywoodhipster.com – isnt that hot – and i have a whole plan in store – and will be quite different from popbytes – but with the same flair and style! this boy is trying to work it from every angle – im outtie y’all – much love as always!