Zac Efron was reportedly in rehab!

Zac Efron was reportedly in rehab!
September 17, 2013 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

Zac Efron

Oh no! Not cutie Zac Efron! Word broke today via TMZ that the actor (age 25) quietly finished a stint in rehab about five months ago. Apparently Zac had issues with cocaine abuse and was also dabbling in molly (that pure form of ecstasy that seems to be all the rage lately, just ask Miley Cyrus). Supposedly he’s doing fine these days and is keeping his nose out of trouble (and blow). Yet, let’s hope that’s the case, the last actor who went into rehab for abusing cocaine, Cory Monteith, had a relapse and ended up passing away tragically this past July. I’ve loved Zac since he starred 2007’s Hairspray (along with Amanda Bynes who has also had her share of troubles), he’s super hot and quite talented, hopefully he has his life back on track and will remain clean. There have been no statements from Zac’s reps, I doubt at this point he’ll open up about what may have transpired, I just pray he stays sober.


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