yes i know britney had a boy…

yes i know britney had a boy…
September 13, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

one of my favorite readers ms. angel emailed me tonight and was all ‘where is the britney baby news?’ she was curious if she should be concerned or was i just holding out until ms. spears finally announced to the world what her second baby’s name would be! well truth be told i was holding back on a post until a name was released – gosh this is a far cry from when sean preston was born – her second baby’s arrival wasn’t nearly as exciting and now with her holding the name back i’m like ‘ok who cares…go ahead & withhold the name – play the baby name game!’

anyways i do hope britney learned one huge lesson today – yes direct from another diva soon attempting a comeback…ms. whitney houston – don’t wait fourteen years to ditch a no good husband! now go on & get your tubes temporarily tied – and start thinking about finally ditching the kfed factor! congrats on the second kid (i’m sure he’s just as adorable as his ‘big’ brother) but now it’s time to whip your ass back into shape and try to gain back a little of the ground you’ve lost…popbytes over & out for tonight – xxoo!