xmas eve with lily allen

xmas eve with lily allen
December 24, 2008 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good evening y’all! i hope everyone is somewhere nice & warm enjoying xmas eve (and the 3rd night of hanukkah) i just left work a little while ago (then ran into melanie brown‘s hubby stephen belafonte at the grocery store – so random) i’m totally staying in tonight with a little red wine (my favorite australian shiraz) and delicious food plus i picked up mamma mia! on blu-ray which i’ve been dying to see again – total guilty pleasure! right now please have a listen to a sampler of lily allen‘s new album it’s not me, it’s you below which will be in stores on february 9th – after hearing snippets of a few tracks – i’m extra excited – i think it’s going to be an awesome album – i’m so stoked! (as i know my pal victoria will be) much love to all as always – popbytes over & out for tonight…xoxo (later on you might catch me on twitter – lately i’ve been obsessed!)

it’s not me, it’s you track listing

1. everyones at it

2. the fear

3. not fair

4. 22

5. i could say

6. back to the start

7. never gonna happen

8. f**k you

9. whod have known

10. chinese

11. him

12. he wasnt there