hey lovers – whats shaking – i swear there is way too much to catch up on – i feel i need to be brief – but will try to give a quick rundown on all thats going on these days –

first – ok – i will admit to being a country fan – especially the ladies – i love me some dolly parton, dixie chicks, shania, – and now wynonna – how did this happen – well thanks to oprah who is still my favorite person (who doesnt love oprah???) – so she had on wynonna a few months ago to take about her battle with weight – as well as other issues including mom issues when she found out after many years she had a different father than her sister ashley judd – and i thought she seemed to be a real down to earth cool lady

– and now a few months later oprah brings her back – she has lost weight – her mom and sister were there and she is doing well – so at the end she sang – and oh wow is all i can say – she did ‘i want to know what love is’ (remember the foreigner version) – and dudes she sang straight from her heart and blew me away, oprah was in tears as were ashley and mom naomi – so i said next popbytes im gonna mention wynonna and im gonna get my hands on that album!

ok so american idol – fun night – i think fantasia should and will win (i need a hero is a GREAT song!) – sorry jasmine we love you but even your tears wont save you – latoya i think technically the best voice but she is kinda a bore – but i will say that little diana not my favorite person but she was truly amazing tonight – i think it could be fun for the final two to be fantasia and diana – but lets see what goes down next week!

that skank jen lopez may be engaged to that troll marc anthony – shes been seen sporting a clear diamond big ass ring on her nasty middle finger – who knows where that finger has been – sorry jenny you still are on my shit list…the love/hate relationship carries on

quick courtney – i guess she was ordained in some church of life in lake tahoe – and married 30 couples – that would be a killer wedding – especially if she rocked out love style

new kimberley locke cd ‘one love’ hit stores (she was #3 idol last year) and i thought it might be a cheese fest but actually i thought it was decent – and that single 8th world wonder is really good!

tomorrow wed – dont forget to all watch the bachelor on abc at 9pm – right after we wave goodbye to jasmine – to see that crazy gold digging bitch trish come back to claim jessie and get him to sleep with her – he best not do that or he will be the biggest asshole on tv – trish is on a rampage after being denied a rose by jessie at the last ceremony – this is drama – drama – drama! WATCH IT!

finally survivor all-stars – its too much to get into right now – but it was a good end to what i thought was a dry series – all that drama – rob and amber engaged – jerri leaving – shi ann got a car – richard found love – ethan and that jenna (hes so cute!!!) – and now one more survivor will get a million based on america’s vote – that was the twist – was ok im not getting a million…

go to cbs.com to cast your vote! and vote for rupert – i dont see anyone else more worthy of winning the million – what a nice guy! and i almost came close to thinking i might have voted for boston rob – shocking i know – but in the end he played the game – and its just that (yes jerri you were on a show that provided entertainment – i hope you dont think you were educating the youth of america – but you sure did that with yr spread in playboy)

ps – oh ms. sue hawke – you go girl – a lot of surgery went a long way – good for you!

tune in thurs night on cbs to see who gets the second million bucks!