will beyonce reshoot deja vu?

will beyonce reshoot deja vu?

good morning people! it’s friday – woo hoo! so the gang over at TMZ posted a bit about fans being very unhappy with beyonce‘s latest deja vu video outing – even going as far as starting a petition trying to get columbia records to redo the video completely! it’s certainly not her best video at all but it does beat that crappy new jessica simpson video – sorry to keep harping on ms. simpson but after her a public affair rollerskating debacle she deserves it! below is a copy of the petition – it’s kinda funny how ‘serious’ this all seems…i highly doubt she will remake the video but if she did it for surely would seem to be a case of ‘deja vu’ – popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

This petition is for the advocacy of having Ms. Beyonce’ Knowles, Columbia Records, Music World Entertainment, and all other entities associated with the creative process of creating the long-form music video known as “Deja Vu” reshoot aforementioned video immediately. This video is an underwhelming representation of the talent and quality of previous music video projects of Ms. Knowles. The following problems have been pointed out by numerous fans on and offline:

A) There is no clear story or theme to the video

B) The dancing is erratic, confusing and alarming at times

C) The sexual themes and shots between Ms. Knowles and Mr. Sean Carter PKA Jay-Z, are alarming and show unacceptable interactions between the two

D) The fashion in this video, while haute-couture, is unbelievable and ridiculous

E) The editing, while professionally done, causes one to get dizzy and disoriented

F) The overall feel of the video leaves a sense of much to be desired

G) The video is very disappointing and is not a clear representation of any of the songs themes

We, the fans of one Beyonce’ Knowles, ask that an alternative video be shot featuring; more choreographed & less spontaneous dancing, clearer visual themes that relate to the lyrics of the song, less gyrating, less scenes of non-existant sexual chemistry between Mr. Carter and Ms. Knowles, less zooming and quick cut edits and a more stylized and clear direction for all other aspects of the video production. Suggested in this re-shoot would be the hire of another producer besides Ms. Sophie Mueller — one more acclimated to urban themes and imagery in music videos, other than Hype “Letterbox” Williams. sign the petition