why britney spears snapped (and shaved)

why britney spears snapped (and shaved)
February 20, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good evening! did you think anyone else besides britney spears would be featured on the latest cover of STAR magazine? she’s for sure the big main topic at the moment and just today she’s apparently put herself back in rehab (check out this picture of a bald britney in rehab) i’d much rather dissect her breakdown than try to piece together the mystery of anna nicole smith…what a fucking circus that whole sad mess is – i still can’t believe she’s gone! i seriously doubt there’ll be anyone quite like her – oh yes the mold was broken when our dear ms. anna first arrived!

anyways getting back to ms. spears – there’s one person who can be blamed for this icky situation – yes i know people do what they’re going to do but seriously let’s all point the finger at paris hilton who was all up being britney’s new BFF and now she won’t even comment about the recent turn of events plus there’s rumors floating around that she was making fun of britney over the weekend! oh yeah ms. hilton is a really nice person…

ok yes britney is a grown-up and the mother of two small children yet people do find themselves in odd predicaments but you must admit everything went quickly south once paris showed up! (gosh i can totally imagine that this was some sick prank conjured up by ms. hilton & her minions – ‘hey paris why don’t you start hanging out with britney…show her a good time and see what happens…’) one day britney’s ice skating – a few weeks later she’s flashing her goods with ms. hilton at her side – you do the math!

i apologize for my small tirade (i seriously need to get my podcast on soon!) in the end i just want to see britney happy & making kick-ass music! i swear everyone should take a lesson from ms. christina aguilera who back in the day i literally couldn’t stand but these days she’s totally got her shit together and she’s making some of the best music out there today! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

PS i hope y’all are watching american idol right now…most of the top twelve guys are sucking – my favorite so far is blake lewis! oh i hope the ladies bring it hardcore tomorrow night!