who’ll be forced into rehab next?!?

who’ll be forced into rehab next?!?
January 24, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good morning everybody! oh rehab is so very in right now…we’ve got keith urban fresh out of rehab and lindsay lohan in rehab (who according to the cover below went on a big final fun drug binge before heading off to wonderland…) so who’ll be next person to get on the rehab train? this week’s STAR magazine is taking aim at britney spears who may not need to check herself in just yet but she’s for sure walking a fine line!

maybe instead of rehab she should take herself and her two kids on vacation and rest up a bit…at only age 25 she’s looking beyond crappy & weathered these days! ms. spears actually looked better when she did that lame matt lauer interview back a few months ago! the cover even claims that soon to be ex-hubby kevin federline has begged britney to get some help – oh the irony of it all!

finally what’s really up with paul abdul – i love my paula but all of her loopy episodes are adding up to that word again…rehab! instead of band camp kids should be going to rehab camp so they’re prepared for the real world…oh good times! all this talk of going to rehab is totally reminding me of amy winehouse (they tried to make britney go to rehab and she said no no no) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

PS don’t believe the hyped trouble between ‘friends’ jennifer aniston and courteney cox-arquette – they’re just fine! (plus they’ll be sharing a kiss soon that may equal ratings heaven for the ailing dirt which i still adore)