whitney houston lives!

whitney houston lives!

hey everybody – gosh i’m so stoked it’s friday night! i wanted to post this bit of whitney news during the week but i just didn’t have time – so here goes! thanks to the always fab ms. natasha (hey girl!) over at young, black & fabulous it seems whitney houston was spotted recently at a west LA church and someone took some video of ms. houston in attendance – looks like her daughter bobbi christina is next to her in a black dress however i don’t see hubby bobby brown! as britney spears vows her love for kfed…wouldn’t it be a great unexpected pop treat to see whitney dump mr. brown’s ass…feels like a longshot but there is always hope! (and love as per brit)

i don’t know about that hat & pink suit of hers but at least her being in church seems like a small step in the right direction…check out some of the pics below and also someone (not sure who) is organizing a grassroots campaign on july 1st for a national ‘we love you whitney’ day – which is a great idea and i already own the domain name weloveyouwhitney.com so mark your calendars and check back as the day approaches! and if any other bloggers maybe want to do a whitney post on that day – we could get some synergy going! natasha provides some more details below – popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

July 1st is the national ‘We Love You Whitney’ Day. Apparently a grassroot campaign has been in place to Save Whitney by letting her know how much we love her. Gather round, grab a lighter…or not…and support ya girl at a rally near you on the first.