whitney does rehab – thank heavens!

whitney does rehab – thank heavens!
April 18, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh my goodness – what a wild day it was! i still can’t believe tomkitten suri has actually arrived – it all feels so fucking surreal! i can’t wait to see pics of the baby – we need to check her eyes! my head was spinning in about a million different pop directions today and one of those pop tangents included the news that whitney houston is back in rehab (there was even a plot to kidnap her into rehab! my dear dear partner-in-crime ms. tabloid whore has the scoop on that) let’s hope this time around rehab sticks! no more cracked girl – it’s so over – put the pipe down!

the story first came by way of the national enquirer – i do love what bobby’s sister tina brown (apparently the person who sold her out with those cracked den pictures) – i hope this time it works. she can still come back and be the star she was, the singer the world adored. i pray to god she’ll get herself clean for good.

yeah so selling her out might have been a complete bitch move but if it helps whitney get the help she so needs – i would have sold her down the river too! i am dying to see when the next public appearance, photo or statement involving ms. houston happens – hopefully between tina brown selling that shameful story and popbytes sending out good karmic blog vibes (still not sure what i will do with weloveyouwhitney.com) will really help whitney – i so can’t wait to see how this plays out – in the meantime let’s please just keep whitney in our minds – i know some people don’t really care but again just think about losing her! i won’t be the same without whitney – and to keep good vibes up & running – check out this awesome junior vasquez remix of her hit i learned from the best – she better be learning something these days! we love you whitney – popbytes over & out…xxoo!

» listen to i learned from the best (junior vasquez UK radio mix) (.mp3 7mb)