where are brad & angelina’s twins?!?

where are brad & angelina’s twins?!?
January 21, 2009 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good morning! this week’s STAR magazine is all in a fret over where brad pitt and angelina jolie‘s twins knox leon & vivienne marcheline are – apparently they haven’t been spotted in public since october 8th – brad & angie are so chill and private – i’m sure the little ones are just fine – i say give ’em a break before they have to deal with being in the public eye all of the time – i bet those twins will turn up soon! just the other night the couple (aka brangelina) looked once again super happy and in love while walking the red carpet over in berlin for the premiere of brad’s flick the curious case of benjamin button! in other news – they’re already featuring our new president barack obama – with rumors there could be a new addition to the first family – although michelle is 45 – i wouldn’t be surprised at all if she gets pregnant – in fact during her first dance last night to beyonce singing ‘at last’ – she looked a little plump in her mid-section! popbytes over & out for now…xoxo

In the Feb. 2 issue of Star we report on the problems that have plagued the twins since birth – and there’s a long list of ailments. Their worried parents have done their best to protect the babies’ fragile health by keeping them tucked away.

“They haven’t been the healthiest babies,” says an insider of little Viv who weighed 5 lbs. at birth, and Knox, who was only 3 oz. heavier. And because of their delicate states, Angelina has developed into an uptight mother. “Angie is being neurotic with Knox and Viv,” says a source. “She won’t let anyone near them without sanitizing their hands and taking off their shoes.” Adds another: “She’s really freaking out.” SOURCE