when ya meet suri keep in mind…

when ya meet suri keep in mind…
August 22, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

yes we all want to see suri cruise…out of plain curiousity more than anything else at this point! if you somehow end up meeting her in person (very doubtful) this week’s STAR magazine outlines ten things to keep in mind…

1. don’t indulge in baby talk

2. don’t photograph her (if you can get away with it though…)

3. don’t play with her (no gin rummy for baby!)

4. don’t pick her up (she bites)

5. don’t scold her

6. don’t tease her (about being an alien)

7. do try to find out what she’s trying to communicate and acknowledge her (help me!)

8. do stroke her fingers (make sure she has ten…)

9. don’t tire her out

10. do tell her ‘suri, you’re a winner!’ (of an oddball dad & a dazed mom!)

in other cruise news it looks like those negotiations between tom cruise and paramount pictures went pretty sour – head of viacom sumner ‘dinosaur’ redstone announced today the end of a 14 year long relationship with mr. cruise’s production company (cruise/wagner) by saying as much as we like him personally, we thought it was wrong to renew his deal. his recent conduct has not been acceptable to paramount…looks like tom’s crazy antics & odd behavior have finally caught up with him! popbytes over & out for tonight – check you all in the morning…xxoo!