when i grow up – fever ray

when i grow up – fever ray
March 16, 2009 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good morning everyone! last week when i wrote about röyksopp‘s new album junior featuring guest vocals from swede karin dreijer andersson of the knife – i discovered her brand new kick-ass solo project being released under the name fever ray – i was instantly mesmerized after seeing the hauntingly beautiful (and dark) video below for her second single when i grow up (here’s the first single if i had a heart) then just the other day i was pleasantly surprised when i received an advance copy of the entire album (the artwork is stunning – created by martin ander) which hits stores next week (3/24) i’m thoroughly impressed with the album (tripped out chill out music) her voice is incredible – she totally sends chills down my spine (girlfriend is a little on the spooky side) if i had to pick someone to compare her to (which i normally don’t like to do) it would have to be björk (not too shabby of a comparison) i can’t seem to get when i grow up out of my head – please make sure to watch the perfectly understated video plus there’s a remix of the song available for your listening pleasure! popbytes over & out for now … xoxo

» listen to fever ray’s when i grow up | d. lissvik remix (.mp3, 6.1mb)