what’s kevin federline doing these days?

what’s kevin federline doing these days?
January 2, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh that kevin federline is up to his usual self…smoking & drinking and not doing his dirty laundry! (although thank heavens he does keep his sneakers all neat & organized) this week’s STAR magazine gets the inside scoop from his neighbors (i bet they love the new guy on the block) in tarzana (yes more than two doors down from malibu) his new place sounds like a palace built for the rap king he is!

where the hell are they hiding those two kids? i feel like we haven’t seen them in months…maybe sean preston & jayden james are lost amongst all of kfed’s trash or britney’s party gear! one thing kevin is not doing is playing ‘booty boy’ to britney spears who apparently was all ‘flirty’ with him recently but kfed isn’t buying her ‘oh poor me’ act one bit…oh my word he may seriously have the last laugh on us all! can you believe that he’s ‘disappointed in the person she has become’? plus he actually won that dumb wrestling match – oh man i so can’t wait to see what becomes of him! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!