what’s in it for me

what’s in it for me

good morning everybody! so did you ever hear of amy diamond? i hadn’t until yesterday when someone tipped me off about this 14 yr old singer from sweden! her album (this is me now) just went ‘gold’ status overseas and apparently amy is a huge smash over with the swedes…

when i heard her hit single what’s in it for me i immediately thought of our one-time teen queen britney spears – it’s actually not a bad track for such a young girl – i’m sure in the next few years she will get her inevitable image makeover! who knows…she may turn out to be the next big thing – and just remember where you first heard of her! check out her hit song below and also have a stop over at her website for all the extra info on this rising pop teen…popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

» listen to amy diamond’s what’s in it for me (.mp3 4.6mb)

Amy Diamond, born in Sweden 920415, was living in England until she was four and a half years old. She began singing at the age of one and without as much as one single singing lesson she has created a brilliant voice with lots of personality. Amy is calm, self-confident and secure and is therefore by many people considered a wonder-child.

Amy has a very important, almost crucial talent for someone who is going to become an extraordinary successful artist, which on top of that is rare for such a young talent, that is what is called voice identity.
With unique vocal maturity, and being used to perform on stage, she sings securely and calmly with personality and balance.