what to watch?!?

what to watch?!?
January 9, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey kids – im still all torn about the loss of our hollywood super power couple – brad and jen – and cant wait to hear more dirt on that whole situation! but anyways the rain still pours down – i feel like its been 40 days and 40 nights – the rain must stop! so what better time to crawl up and flick on the boob tube – and hell there is so much to watch tonight!

the people’s choice awards holds little interest for me – im gearing up for next weekend’s golden globes – which will be more fun and important to the overall pop landscape (and it will be my birthday!) – so im skipping CBS tonight

FOX has got the season premiere of the hugely popular 24 but it is 2 hours tonight – and then whammy – 2 hours tomorrow – this is a series best enjoyed on DVD at your own leisure methinks – but i may try to catch the second half tomorrow if not much else is on…

popbytes is all about desperate housewives tonight – a new episode – i have been dying to see what’s been going on with the gals on wisteria lane – congrats to hottie nicolette sheridan who just got herself engaged – and then right after candice bergen (popbytes loves murphy brown) joins the cast of boston legal – where she will be sparring with william shatner as a partner from the new york office sent in to clean up the boston branch – she’s gonna need a lot of luck – it’s a kooky place but popbytes wouldn’t have it any other way – i really enjoy boston legal and i think this healthy dose of a legend like candice will be the tasty icing on the cake!

ok can you still believe im going on about what to watch tonight ?- well hold on people – there is more – over on VH1 is the premiere of the surreal life 4 where a bunch of has-beens live in a hollywood mansion – this time around includes people like – christoper knight (brady bunch), chynna (lady wresteler) and verne troyer (midget) – and right after is the continuing saga of goddess brigitte nielsen and mr f. aka flava flav on strange love – where flava will vie for the love of kooky but lovable brigitte!

and then if you can believe it HBO has a whole fest going on with the second season premiere of carnivàle and the series premiere of george clooney project – unscripted which follows the lives of three people trying to make it in hollywood – and one of my fave people krista allen (who at one time played billie reed on days of our lives is part of the trio-cast (see below – girl on left) – so with all that’s going on i have to try to make a stop by HBO tonight!

all this said and done – i think there comes one message – sunday has too much to watch – we need to be spreading it out to the sadder nights of the week – like maybe fridays or saturdays? at least VH1 and HBO will air reruns – so thats key – but come on – the sundays are hot – but its getting a bit too hot – and shit – there is a new extreme homemakeover tonight – so there is one more to cram into an already full plate – thanks a lot – popbytes all in a tizzy – and out – and one more time – can you believe that brad and jen are splitting????? rain rain go away!