what is sarah palin hiding?

good evening! once again republican vice presidential hopeful sarah palin is featured front and center on the latest cover of national enquirer with juicy bits on her supposed affair, her son track‘s addiction to drugs (what a perfect name for a druggie) and her pregnant teenage daughter bristol supposedly being banished from her house – gosh i hope all of this is (and more) is true because like i’ve said before i do not like the woman – i’ll lose my mind if she ends up becoming VP! right about now i’m really thinking that barack obama should’ve picked hillary clinton as his running mate (hindsight is always 20/20) then john mccain‘s surprise female pick might not have happened…i’m all for a woman helping to run this country but certainly not ultra conservative sarah palin – personal drama or no personal drama – i don’t like her one bit (speaking as a gay man would you expect anything else? she’s certainly not gung ho on gay rights – i have no other choice but to support obama & biden) although i love her scandals being splashed all over the tabloids – it’s totally time to lay off her for a bit – the seeds of doubt have already been planted…let’s watch ms. palin dig her own grave! the more she’s attacked i feel it will only help to fire up ‘team palin’ players even more than they already are! i did say that i wouldn’t post anymore about her but i simply couldn’t help myself – she makes me feel sick to my stomach – i’m not a huge fan of john mccain at all yet i’ll take him over her any day! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo

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  • Timmy

    I like your forthrightness. It’s clear that the only thing you’re trying to do is sow seeds of doubt, not truth.
    This is why I hate politics, on both sides. For the love of God Obama is NOT a muslim, WAS legally born in the US, etc.
    That said, slandering (and that IS what it is called) Sarah Palin for the sake of political expediency is equally despicable. I recently read on one of these new light fact-free blogs that Sarah Palin used a pregnancy suit to fake her pregnancy to cover for her daughter. Now what the…you’ve…how…whatever.
    Slanderous. Don’t like the Muslim, Kenyan born, flag-pinless Obama, then quit doing the same. Keep it up, and you’ve just become the mirror of what you abhor.

  • Chaka Nawe

    I’m gonna go WAY out on a limb here and theorize a little.
    There’s actually documented things that don’t quite fit…
    I think Palin’s new baby is actually Bristol’s.
    Bristol is not pregnant now….
    I think that baby is a product of incest -
    with Track, her brother. The drug rumors
    seem to be true.
    Alaska has THE highest rate of rape and incest.
    And now he’s being shipped off to Iraq to
    avoid jail time for his delinquent behavior.
    Let’s see if Bristol has a “miscarriage” in the coming months?
    I know this sounds absolutely CRAZY, but something
    is rotten in Denmark here. I do not think that
    Sarah Palin birthed her last child.
    PS – Don’t theorize about Hillary, because HAD Obama
    chosen her, Palin would NEVER have been chosen.
    That was just desperation for the right-wing nutjobs.