what is popbytes?

what is popbytes?
December 20, 2004 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

gosh – sometimes i dont even know! its my pop culture baby – what started out with a glass of wine a little over a year ago – has now blossomed into a full-time ‘job/hobby’ (altho i work a ‘real’ full-time job in this corporate design gig – its not so bad though…) – popbytes was intially concepted as just some random thoughts and recommendations on pop culture – you know what’s hot and not kinda thing – as i was talking about it (to anyone who would listen including my pets) all the time anyways – so why not tell a few more people? and then i ran across the whole blogging scene – and although i had a semi-rocky start with getting the right ‘groove’ on – popbytes has been an incredible ad-venture – and has seriously been a blast and is probably the thing im most proud of! (besides my lovely dogs – god bless ’em) – i work oh so hard to sort through all the happenings out there deep and dark in pop land – and there are so many things to keep on top of! it seems many of you enjoy yr popbytes – so that really helps me to keep on keep on truckin’ – traffic is way above same time last year – and it seems i have a nice regular established audience – so im hoping you enjoy! i do it all for the love of pop – and spread the word – i tell practically everyone i meet – and some people even call me popbytes! oh its been a wild 2004! here is towards a kick-ass cool 2005!

i think i’m just being a bit reflective these last few days of the year – but not so reflective – that i’m still dying to see ‘who will be crowned the ultimate swan’ on fox’s 2 hour swan 2 season finale – i must admit its just one big recap show – and the shows are actually better than this whole end of show pageant – its kinda anti-climatic – but its a slow monday night – so maybe i will dig into my way behind netflix movies – shrek 2 or the revised stepford wives

and im sorry im all annoying you with the big alias banner up above – but again its not making me a dime – its there on its own accord – and just stresses how very excited i am for what looks to be a very hot season when the show returns jan 5th – and then coupling it with this seasons hot action show – lost – well wednesdays are going to be good – thanks ABC…yr quite the network these days! but dont get too cocky – before you know it i will be bowing down to NBC or UPN – just keep the good shows coming! ok much pop love to all – and i will return tomorrow!