What’s Demi Moore’s secret to looking good?

What’s Demi Moore’s secret to looking good?
February 4, 2009 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good morning! this week’s STAR magazine is featuring the lovely demi moore front and center for looking totally fabulous at age 46 – she’s always been a pretty lady but i really think she looks her best right now – whatever she’s doing – we all seriously need to do it (like scrubbing our bodies with raw honey) obviously there’s a big difference in the pictures below – on the left she’s not wearing any makeup and the lighting is awful – on the right she’s all dolled up for a red carpet appearance – a perfect before & after to draw readers in – i definitely want to know her six simple secrets! of course she’s got to keep it together for her adorable younger hubby ashton kutcher who just this past week turned his wife onto twittering and yesterday mrs. kutcher convinced her daughter rumer willis to join the twitterverse (of course i’m following all of ’em – and you can follow me!) it’s a great outlet for the couple to connect with their fans and also dispel rumors – like the one about them adopting a baby which demi told us isn’t true! i do hope girlfriend spills some of her beauty secrets – i’d like to age as gracefully as her – yes she’s probably had some plastic surgery here & there but it’s all quite subtle – that’s the key – rather than getting a full overhaul! kudos to demi for finding the fountain of youth – let’s see how long she can keep it up! popbytes over & out for now…xoxo

In the Feb. 16 issue of Star we reveal that Ashton Kutcher’s 46-year-old wife is turning heads once more thanks to a beauty regime of epic proportions, including loads of pricey products and treatments, rigorous diet and exercise – and even leech therapy, which she blogged about on Twitter just yesterday.

We have the complete rundown of Demi’s beauty secrets – many of which are affordable and can be done at home. Like what? Here’s a teaser: The actress scrubs her body down with raw honey to keep her skin supersmooth. As for those raven locks, well, she does special olive oil conditioning treatments to give her hair that “I just stepped out of a salon” shine. SOURCE


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