what i think about howard k. stern…

what i think about howard k. stern…
February 12, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

the whole anna nicole smith tragic saga for me has just been a total bummer all around (i cannot & will not resort to posting pictures of the contents of her fridge – things are reaching an all-time low!) but i’ll admit to tuning into entertainment tonight‘s exclusive interview with howard k. stern (the only reason the interview was exclusive was because $$$ changed hands!) i’m choosing not to really comment on the whole situation – i’m still very devastated at the news ms. smith passed away just this past thursday yet i’ll post the latest illustration from pretty on the outside…oh yes you all know that expression a picture (or illo) is worth a thousand words and the lovely david gilmore captured my feelings perfectly! popbytes over & out for tonight – i’ll check you all in the morning…xxoo!

PS the main thing i keep thinking about is there’s now two dead people and $450 million dollars up at stake…i really worry about baby dannielynn who is so obviously the daughter of larry birkhead…oh man this saga is far from over!