west-kevina popbytes debut!

west-kevina popbytes debut!

hey folks yet another glorious person who has dedicated their time and effort to make some popbytes content! thank you west-kevina (thats a new alias for popbytes – now that makes three!)


What to do, what to do?!?!

I was recently hit with this quandary when it so happened that the final Idol was to be broadcast on FOX from the Kodak theater right across from our gleaming office AND I was to be out of town. You see, I had already planned a fabulous trip to Spain and for months I could think of nothing else. It was my desire to live a luxurious lifestyle (even for a short time) in five star hotels and gourmet restaurants sampling all that the old world had to offer. Sangria needed to be sipped! Goya needed to be viewed! The sounds of Castillian softly caressing my ears! Ah, to be in Spain… A dream come true! But how could I enjoy all those things knowing that back in the ole USA all my peeps were watching the final outcome of the show that become my Tuesday and Wednesday (and sometimes Monday) nights obsession? How was I to relax knowing that everyone knew which fabulous Diva was our new American Idol. Do I call back and find out? Do I have someone FedEx a tape? Do I cancel my trip? I did what I could do and pushed on… I tried not to think of it and go into a horrid media blackout. This might sound easy but for a tv whore like myself even being thousands of miles away I was sure that I could find out if some dumb American crossed my path. I ignored the temptation and fled at the first sight of a Nike tennis shoe. But what to fill the black hole now dominating my heart? Well, a royal wedding of course!! (seee photos above!)

The Prince of Austurias, Don Felipe, was to marry his true love, the beautiful commoner and former tv newscaster Letizia. All of Madrid was aflame with the giddy anticipation of the forthcoming nuptials. The city was bathed in purple light and banners hung from each balcony proclamation the joy that this couple would bring a country so devastated by tragedy. Yes, this could possibly distract me from Idol mania. I must say that I too became obsessed with the couple as I watched their marriage vows from a beautiful hotel suite. And better yet, they were to pass right by the Palace Hotel in a royal procession of grandeur and pomp. I rushed out of the hotel to see them and snapped the photos as all around me cried out their names! The Prince and Princess in a Rolls Royce came rolling past and waved at me. Goose bumps on my arms and a lump in my throat as I waved back.

Fantasia who? Diana who? It was all about Felipe and Letizia!! Buena Suerte amores!

(ps…upon arrival back in America I rushed home, dropped my bags, jumped on the couch and immediately grabbed my Tivo remote. I am only human you know.)