wedding wars premieres tonight

wedding wars premieres tonight
December 11, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey kids! i’m sure by now you’ve heard about the premiere of wedding wars over on A&E tonight – which stars hunky eric dane along with cutie john stamos! the gorgeous twosome star as a pair brothers – one straight – the other gay…when one is about the get married to a governor’s daughter – the gay one (played by stamos) goes on strike (he was the wedding planner) because of the governor’s (who is played by babs husband james brolin) stance on gay marriage!

i screened the film over the weekend…yes it’s your typical ‘movie of the week’ fare but enjoyable enough that i’d recommend catching it if you can…plus it has tons of luscious eye candy (don’t forget mr. dane is also ‘dr. mcsteamy’ on ‘grey’s anatomy’) and some of the supporting people are great – my favorite being linda kash who plays a tacky wedding planner who takes over when the strike begins! she was hilarious and wanted to cover everything in gold lame! although this movie does bring up important issues they’re far more important in real-life than portrayed in the movie but it does help to open a dialogue! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!