wedding of the century?

wedding of the century?

this week’s issue of STAR magazine is going across the pond for a change of pace and featuring prince william and his girlfriend kate middleton (dating since 2001) and their supposed upcoming wedding of the century – price tag, $40 million bucks! there’s only one problem though – the couple isn’t officially engaged yet although it does look like that’s what will happen in the near future! the british royals haven’t been nearly as interesting as they used to be back when princess diana (may she rest in peace) was still alive – but recently ‘duchess of york’ sarah ferguson provided us with a new royal scandal – she was willing to toss her ex-hubby prince andrew under the bus for £500,000 from news of the world (because she’s super broke and in debt) but the deal was a total set-up and she fell for the whole thing – hook, line and sinker! now she’s apparently moving here to the states – with her tail tucked tightly between her legs! i wonder if william and kate will be able to overcome the odds and remain scandal-free once they’re married? popbytes over & out for now … xoxo

Pince William is set to marry longtime love Kate Middleton in what promises to be a fairy-tale wedding — and Star has the jaw-dropping details about the $40 million extravaganza.

In the June 7 issue of Star — we have eight pages of royal dish about William and Kate’s upcoming nuptials, including the A-list guests, the extravagant gown, where they’ll say “I do,” Kate’s surprise gift for William and more!

“William has always said he will be ready for marriage after his 28th birthday — that’s next month,” royal expert Nicholas Davies, author of William: King for the 21st Century, tells Star. “The timing is perfect for a wedding this year.”

Insiders estimate that as many as 3 billion awestruck viewers could tune in and the audience will not be disappointed by the ceremony with the couture gowns, lavish bouquets and priceless jewelry, including the 18-karat sapphire and diamond engagement ring William inherited from his late mother, Diana, which he plans to give to his bride-to-be. SOURCE