wedding bells for jessica & john?!?

oh lordy – here we’ve got a story from STAR magazine this week which is predicting wedding bells and babies are in the near future for my least favorite couple ever jessica simpson & john mayer! for some reason i just can’t stand the two together although they do seem quite smitten with each other but i think the two should slow things down – there’s no reason to be running down the aisle unless she is trying to beat her ex hubby nick lachey to the punchline! oh man – there’s another couple i’m not so hot for…mr. lachey and vanessa minnillo – gosh when did everything go so wrong? i still think nick & jessica made a great couple but that’s ancient history now! oh my word for a friday i’m giving way too much thought to all of this (who really cares?!?) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

it’s an unlikely pairing, but apparently he’s found his soul mate: he had wanted to have “a wife, a home, a degree of stability” before he turned 30 – just six months from now! – says the source. “the clock is ticking for him!”

expect a low-key proposal and a traditional, intimate wedding when their schedules clear up, adds the source. john is on tour to promote his latest cd, continuum, until aug. 8, while jess is gearing up for another movie (the details of which have yet to be announced) right after wrapping up on her upcoming romantic comedy blonde ambition. once the lovebirds tie the knot, don’t be surprised if a little one is on the way! “she has finally found someone she wants to start a family with,” a friend of jess tells star. “being a mother is at the top of her list.”

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  • karen

    ugh, i really dislike john mayer…i don’t know why…just do. and doesn’t he bear a resemblance to edward scissorhands??

  • Melodie

    A perfect match considering he looks a bit retarded while performing and she’s simply retarded.

  • kate

    I HATE these two!!! Jess is totally trying to make herself look more serious and smart with the dark hair and cloths…she is such a dumb whore and John is going to lost so many of his question is when will he snap out of it?? realize he is dating the town joke…oh and ps since when was papa joe okay with his baby being with a self confessed groupie and one who has slept with a TON of girls

  • Pattycakes

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  • ICK

    They look they took the short bus to the junior prom.

  • Mspivey2

    Wait…”don’t be surprised if a little one is on the way!” does that mean she is pregnant?
    Coz i heard a rumor that she is and if you see new pics of her she kinda looks it…but i dont know.

  • Apres Ski

    John likes boys! He tolerates girlsl, but he like boys better!! I hope they don’t get married because astrologically, they are all wrong for each other. He’s Libra & she’s Cancer.

  • ias

    They always look so bored when they’re photographed together…I don’t believe it. Their whole relationship is a publicity stunt.

  • Samanthasmartypants

    Jessica has a schedule????

  • OnTaRiOgUrL

    this has got to be a joke

  • ter

    She is doing this the Hollywood way-get knocked up, then the man will marry you if he is a tool and John Mayer is a tool, he used “just want to play my guitar” to trick fans into thinking he was sincere. I guess it’s was’nt about the music, It’s was about getting into the Hollywood circle.
    We should be grateful we see it now. Good luck Mr. John Simpson so happy you got were you wanted.
    Now it’s time for all the Hollywood drama that go along with the Hollywood marraige. This is going to be funny so many people are waiting to laugh at these two, going to be so many “I told you” and “I knew it” just wait.

  • soshoeme

    I use to look up to John Mayer for his music and talent, but he’s just another Shallow Al now! Good luck with the bimbo Johnny boy!

  • nb

    I think she will do it for the money. Even though she makes a fair amount he is way wealthier and will take care of her (in contrast to her last marriage). She knows her “career” has a limited shelf life & his does not. Also he will put “papa Joe” in his place since he manages his own life. Maybe Jessica also wants to finally make a break from her a-hole, money sucking parents.

  • tina

    maybe if they hook up though,they will do us all a favor and stay home
    and out of the public eye.GROSS!!!!!
    ps — ya’ll PLEASE do the world a favor and DON’T have babies!

  • jojo

    I dont think that john would ever marry her. I think they are both using each other. She for his fame now that she is just getting famouse for doing crappy movies and cds that dont sell that well and he for the inflatable doll that she is. THis was probably pimpa joes idea. Pimpa Joe loves the publicity. BTW i wish pimpa would stop staring at both his daughter cleavage. THATS JUST GROSS

  • gena

    why is everyone giving this couple a hard time. maybe they will live happy ever afer.

  • Melissa

    I think this is all just a big fat rumor! John is so much better than Jessica how can the two even hold a conversation. It will hurt me tremendously if they were to marry I dont think I can continue as his #1 fan. Anyways, why would he buy the cow when he is getting the milk for free! Wrap it twice Johnny Boy because if you think Britney Spears is a bad mom….

  • derrik

    Cutest. Couple. Ever.

  • boeye

    let us reserve our comments until after the nuptials, the deliveries, the successes, the failures, the hits, the runs, the ups, the downs, the comebacks, the resurgences…let’s standby into their future to determine how seriously committed they can be towards one another and wish them the best.

  • sharonmariep

    i hope they make it,they look great together.
    girls,stop being jelious because jess still looks way better then you
    with the brown hair.