we must watch arrested development

we must watch arrested development
December 4, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey everybody – hope you all had a nice sunday – i had a great brunch with tabloid whore over at the cat & fiddle on sunset – she is so sweet and a great blogger – so make sure to check out her phenomenal site – we did a whole bunch of dishing about all the latest pop craziness – as well as comparing ‘blogger’ notes – but we didn’t talk about one thing which just slipped my mind…

the whole arrested development situation – it returns tomorrow night at 8pm over on FOX after like a 3 week hiatus – obviously this show is headed towards cancellation – FOX originally ordered 22 episodes for this third season which they now have cut down to 13 – 8 shows have been filmed thus far (#6 airs tomorrow night) so they could only be shooting 5 more episodes (if that…) – and cutie star jason bateman is to undergo throat surgery – so this could delay everything but we do wish him a speedy recovery – who knows what will happen to that lovable bluth family – such a freakin’ wacky show – i swear it’s unlike anything you will ever see on TV – i just ordered the first two seasons on DVD over at amazon.com – where they are on sale and you can get both for about $40 bucks which is quite a great deal – anyways just make sure you tune in tomorrow night – we are all hoping for a big ratings push to help save this sinking fast show…

moving on i’m so bummed the weekend is over – back to the grind – popbytes over & out until tomorrow…for another installment of monday .mp3…xxoo