we must save valerie cherish!

we must save valerie cherish!
September 8, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

well hello hello hello! ok i’m gonna calm down and stop freaking everyone out (ie those storm pics i posted!) – it’s thursday and today i want to start a valerie cherish revolution! i just got an email (thanks jeff!) from another fan of our dear ‘valerie cherish’ – the main character of HBO’s the comeback – we are so convinced that we must berate HBO with a deluge of emails pleading to bring back the series for at LEAST one more season – they will be re-airing the entire first season starting on sept 16th for those who missed it the first time around…

and for those who just watched the season finale – oh my gosh – it was too funny (and i love that song ‘cherish’) – i have said it over and over again – but heck let’s say it one more time – lisa kudrow who plays ‘valerie cherish’ is so amazing – she has so morphed into this crazy yet lovable character that it’s really a site to see – she is the queen of nuances – oh i love it!

so be sure to go here and at the bottom is a link where you can email HBO direct – we must save this show! so get going and tell them you love ‘the comeback’ and in honor of my love of the show – i have made ‘valerie cherish’ her very own category here on popbytes which contains all of my previous posts to support this show! – check out my valerie archive – and rock on! popbytes out for now – long live valerie cherish!!!