watch out – lindsay lohan is on a manhunt!

watch out – lindsay lohan is on a manhunt!
December 13, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

so if cutie adam levine the lead singer of maroon 5 ends up getting involved with lindsay lohan – he can’t say we didn’t warn him! this week’s STAR magazine claims ms. lohan is on a manhunt (watch out boy she’ll chew (or drink?) you up) she’s already gone through a string of men (most recently harry morton who just couldn’t deal) and now apparently she has set her sights (claws) on mr. levine – but as of right now he won’t even give her the time of day (oh your momma taught you well adam…stay away from spaced out skanks) but there’s no stopping lindsay…adam isn’t even safe in his own home – yikes! (check the quote below) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

in fact, the source claims that adam isn’t even safe from her in his own home! after nights at les deux, says the source, “adam usually invites friends to his house in the hollywood hills for an after-hours party. lindsay is never invited, but she manages to worm her way in. when she does, she puts on her own cd and tries to dance provocatively within view of adam. sometimes it gets to the point where he’ll even sneak out of his house and hang with the neighbors!”