warren the ape’s new show premieres tonight!

warren the ape’s new show premieres tonight!

i’m super excited for the premiere of warren the ape tonight on MTV – a new reality show featuring one of the best raunchy and rowdy puppets around trying to make it here in hollywood! (watch the series trailer below) some of you might remember warren’s hilarious antics and quips from greg the bunny – now he’s busting out with a show of his own (thankfully greg will be making a few guest appearances!) the other day i got on the phone with warren, some excerpts from our chat are posted below, he had me cracking up left and right! kudos to the network for taking a chance on warren – this is exactly the kind of programming they seriously need! popbytes over & out for now … xoxo

were you making out with dr. drew pinsky at the MTV movie awards?

dr. drew’s got this thing where he’s been giving me lots of kisses, it’s got to be hard to be double D! DD has got a lot of pressure on him, you know he’s responsible for so many people’s ‘well-being’ but when he’s done with the red carpet i think he’s kind of a party animal, i’ve got the lip gloss marks to prove it!

did you see lindsay lohan at the awards?

she made sure she did not come within five feet of dr. drew, because i think she thought she was going to get some parenting, and i think that’s what she needs, she’s just a kid, a kid trying to be an adult and she’s in an industry that promotes bad behavior, if i was her i’d take the millions of dollars she probably has in the bank and move to the freakin’ mid-west, and i would just go to dairy queen, i mean what the hell, get out of dodge sister, nobody wants another freakin’ ‘love bug’ movie, recoup and come back stronger!

now have you ever made a sex tape?

HA! i sell them at garage sales but nobody is really interested, it’s weird, i don’t know why, a lot of them are admittedly masturbation tapes or have cameos by women nobody wants to put in the internet, but i’m working on it, i think that’s another absolute key to fame, and a lot of my show is about that, me just trying to find any means necessary of taking that express elevator in this industry to bolster my career!

here’s a question from twitter, how big is your little warren?

oh my little warren, well he’s small enough to stay out of the way, a good thing because puppets don’t wear pants very often, so i can keep him under control but once you get him excited the only way to banish that monster is to just satisfy him and send him back to hell!

onto your new show – how many episodes are there?

they’ve pieced together 12 episodes from the six months the cameras followed me, from the second half of last year through the last couple of months and some interesting things have happened, i don’t know exactly how they’ve chosen to present it but i’ll be watching along with everyone else, and i’m excited to see what they’ve done!

who would be your ideal celebrity guest?

well, i recently had a chat with jen aniston, i think she’s a bit enamored with me but something tells me she’s not going to want my disease but i’m completely enamored with her and i would love the chance for us to ‘work together’! but then again i’m promiscuous – i want to bang kate gosselin!