vote pornstar mary carey for governor!

vote pornstar mary carey for governor!
August 10, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

that funny gal & pornstar mary carey is up & running again to be the next governor of california! now y’all know i don’t care for politics and most politicians – the reason i rarely if ever mention the bullshit topic here on popbytes but i must say mary is running on some great platforms like legalizing gay marriage & taxing plastic surgery to lower gas prices – woo hoo – i’m totally up for both of those plus keeping the bars & clubs open until 5am is another goodie!

no worries though – mary can totally handle her porn career & a political office since she only makes about six films a year and they only take a day or two to shoot – she said on the news she could do it over the weekend – phew – all bases covered! she will be touring local college campuses urging people (boys) to go on and vote for her! she already has my vote – heck let’s give the girl a chance – ms. carey certainly can’t be worse than the ass we have right now! popbytes over & out for tonight – i will check you all in the morning!

Mary Carey’s Platform

Increase money in California

Lower deficit

Bring NFL teams to LA

Increase plastic surgery tax so that you can lower gas prices

flex-fuel vehicles mandatory in 4-5 years

Bring money back to the teachers

Legalize gay marriages

Help fire fighters and police men

Flood control in sacramento/northern california

Help the over crowded and mis-managed prision system

Make strip clubs full nude with full alchol

Make service industry (bars, clubs, etc) open until 5am

Support Adult Industry since it brings in billions

Porn for pistols (ha!)

Unemployed serve jury duty