Video: Kate Gosselin’s awkward Today show appearance

Video: Kate Gosselin’s awkward Today show appearance
January 16, 2014 JEREMY FEIST

Kate Gosselin

It’s been almost two years since Jon & Kate Plus 8 was taken off the air after TLC remembered where they left their soul (In the linen closet, of course!) and yet Kate Gosselin keeps getting booked for TV appearances because people are nostalgic for horrible mothers. Anyway, she appeared on the Today show with her two oldest daughters today to show everyone what a great parent she is, except surprise! When her kids were asked to defend their mother, neither one of them said anything and they basically looked at her with the most naked look of fear I have ever seen from teenage girls.

Kate appeared on the Today show with her 13-year-old twins Cara and Mady … they were SUPPOSED to talk about how their mom has raised them as normal teenage girls who haven’t been damaged by being on a reality TV show. But when the cameras went on … the girls refused to perform in Kate’s dog-and-pony show … and Kate was clearly PISSED. “It’s your chance … spit it out,” Kate demanded. You gotta see this … it’s one of the most awkward TV moments in a long, long time. SOURCE

So basically, Kate spent years pimping out her children and neglecting them for money, and now you want them to defend you because … why? Seriously, if you wanted your kids to forgive you, maybe you wouldn’t force them to go on talk shows to clear your name. Maybe you’d just be a good mother. At home. In private. But privacy doesn’t get you on TV, I know. Aye, there’s the rub.

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