victoria beckham is such a bambi girl!

victoria beckham is such a bambi girl!
November 30, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good evening my pop pals! i rested most of the day and just took it easy but tonight there are two things bringing a big smile to my face…the first reason is a new episode of ugly betty which is probably in a close tie with studio 60 on the sunset strip for my favorite new show of the fall season – all you can expect is one or two new shows to join a personal line-up and these two fit quite perfectly into my schedule! (there’s an honorable mention for 30 rocktina fey rules!)

the second reason is our darling victoria beckham who was out last night prancing around and showing herself at the bambi awards in germany where she presented an award to her fashion pal roberto cavalli who also designed the dress she was sporting! it’s so funny that the awards are referred to as ‘bambi’ since victoria really does remind me of a deer! she always has that ‘caught in headlights’ look – i totally could see her busting a move in the forest! everytime i see pictures of her they’re always crazy but fun! special thanks to popbytes pal nina who sent me over the pictures below…

she also sent along a picture of model gemma ward wearing the same dress on the runway – in that shot the dress doesn’t look good at all – i think victoria pulls off the drama quite nicely! the best is the first picture though – she looks like she is sleeping with her eyes open – frozen in time – it’s a little eerie but i love her! this past year ms. beckham has become a popular persona for me to post to popbytes (she’ll soon get her own category) victoria sure keeps things interesting and how can i not mention hubby david beckham? the world’s most beautiful man! let’s just hope tomkat doesn’t convert the couple to scientology! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!