valerie cherish – superstar!

valerie cherish – superstar!
August 20, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh gosh – i am so gearing up to cry myself a river tomorrow night – when our dear six feet under finally lays itself to rest after 5 amazing seasons (63 episodes!) – last week i cried almost thru the whole episode – yes heightened by the ‘this show is ending – and im so sad’ effect – anyways – so today i thought to amuse myself with our dear valerie cherish and her comeback – what else is there to say? i have posted on each episode – and people are starting to think me a little weird for liking this show so much – but it just tickles me pink – i quote her all the time – i find myself going into ‘valerie-speak’ often – lisa kudrow simple must win some award (maybe a popbytes one!) – she is really that great – ok i will just shut it up for now – but do expect some sorta RIP post on six feet under – oh i am so sad it will all be over very soon…popbytes out & feeling all sentimental…xxoo

Valerie gets a new dress and a new look for a familiar TV-award show.