‘v for vendetta’ was very decent!

‘v for vendetta’ was very decent!
March 13, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

yo! so i just walked back in the door from an advance press screening of v for vendetta which will hit theaters this friday (march 17th)! overall i really enjoyed the film – set in the not to distant future it’s the story of a young woman named ‘evey’ (played by the awesome natalie portman who so rocks that shaved head look) who strikes up a very unusual friendship with a masked man only know as ‘V’ (played by the superb hugo weaving) who has plans to destroy the current government totalitarian state (run by a creepy john hurt) while also avenging some stuff that he was done very wrong by in the past – evey learns a lot along the way and comes to realize her potential in changing the future of her country…there were just a few moments that could have been sped up a bit but the pace was pretty fast and i wasn’t bored or looking at my watch at all – yet of course when the main character has a mask on for the entire movie there has to be a few giggle moments but hugo weaving really played this faceless (yet very likable) character to a tee – he was excellent! i could listen to his voice all night long! i also really liked stephen rea as a detective who cares and really only wants to do the right thing…

visually the film is a complete winner and the action sequences were very exhilarating – directed quite elegantly by james mcteigue and produced & written by those very eccentric wachowski brothers andy & larry (who finally redeem themselves after those last two very awful ‘matrix’ films) – i think warner bros. has a hit on their hands – it will be very interesting to see how this flick will fare at the box-office – i know people who have been anticipating this movie will be pleased – i don’t know if i would rave on & on about ‘v for vendetta’ (some scenes were amazing though and worth a rave) but i for sure definitely enjoyed it and i think most people will too – popbytes over & out until tomorrow…xxoo!