Video: V V Brown’s “Faith” (featuring Kele Okereke)

Video: V V Brown’s “Faith” (featuring Kele Okereke)
March 15, 2014 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

V V Brown "Faith" (featuring Kele Okereke)

I simply cannot say enough about V V Brown! Her latest album, Samson & Delilah (iTunes), was one of last year’s best releases and even scored a spot in my top favorite albums of 2013 list. Thankfully she’s releasing “Faith” as the latest single off the album, and it’s probably my favorite track. Do not miss the just released music video below, which features Kele Okereke of Bloc Party fame on vocals. I like Kele but I still prefer the original version which featured one of her producers, Laurence Aldridge, on vocals. Yet in the end, the song is amazing either way, I seriously hope V V makes it back to Los Angeles soon, I would LOVE to see her in concert again, she is truly stunning when performing live!

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