if yr not watching amish in the city you should be ashamed – its great – hysterical – big drama between the city kids – and the amish are so gosh darned adorable! its a crazy night for tv – next action hero is like ending or really close – and paris and nicole are on too – altho they do repeat sunday at nine – thats six feet under time – so we are actually missing a half hour of next action hero – just so we can see all 2 hours of amish in the city – these mid week summer nights are crazy with the amount of tv i have to see – i had to order west-kevina home to catch up on his tv – he luckily got to see the la production of hairspray and he raved about it – so check it out at the pantages – right around the corner from where popbytes dwells…

so much to catch up on – last comic standing – the wild card show aired last night – and i would vote for corey halcomb (but i missed the deadlines – dang!) – but i will admit ant was funy for once – didnt overdo the gay jokes (i swear if i did stand-up i wouldnt do one gay joke – its just inherent) – so will be interesting to see who will snag the spot – and who will be the…last comic standing – go tammy!

oh big brother 5 – oh please dont let adria (aka natalie – her twin) leave the house – please marvin come come to your senses – and vote for holly – and jase and his whole brad pitt thing – please yr so nasty – nothing like darling brad – or my boyfriend will – i love big brother – its like cracked – you cant get enough!

nip/tuck for all of you who saw last nights brilliantly horny and moving episode – i have two words for you – pussy lips (pussy is spelled without the e right? its not pussey is it?) – and for those of you who didnt see the show – hold yr heads in pop shame – shame on you – shame on you – this is the BEST SHOW ON the telly – so get a clue – and dudes famke jansen is fucking hot – and so is this show – yeah you may think popbytes is over the top on this one – but just fucking watch – popbytes out!

ps – ok i cried last night at the end of trading mommies on fox – and i didnt even have wine – kudos to fox for giving us a laugh – but tying it oh so neatly with a little heart – god bless nana – and her new car – and please give tammy a break – yes a little crazy – but had heart – be sure to tune in next week to see the next see o’ trading families…