January 7, 2004 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

ok im watching AMERICAN MULLET on the ever entertaining TRIO network – its a doc on the infamous haircut – this is the best

‘simple life’ was great tonight – and they have a DVD now – its a total must have – and paris hilton is just fucking hot – she is really pretty – gosh – and the boy shes dating in arkansas trey aka ‘chops’ is too adorable – and should totally model in LA – he has that fucked up model look – and his teeth are gorgeous – a bit young still – give him a few years folks – phew!

mandy moore was doing her premiere tonight at the graumans chinese theater – for her new flick – CHASING LIBERTY – i swear i would have to slit my wrists to watch this movie – because i would hope to have died by the end – and i spoke to a friend who actually went to HOW DO I DEAL – at the movies – she walked out – and it just made me think what a horrible title for a movie – HOW DO I DEAL – shit – fuck me – how do i deal with this crap!! – sorry mandy – at least you have hottie andy roddick to help you…who is going to go see this – and mark harmon plays the president – a coworker pointed out – summer school teacher – president – easy stretch…and there is another flick due out FIRST DAUGHTER with Katie Holmes as the ‘first’ daughter – why the obsession with the first daughter this year – crap crap crap – and i do like katie – and btw congrats on her engagement to american pie’s chris klein –

congrats to kate hudson and hubby rocker chris robinson on the birth of their new baby son!

celine dion – after seeing her yesterday – i was feeling the need to listen to the complete ONE HEART cd – and actually folks – its pretty decent – i cant believe im all up in the dion – i must see that show in vegas – i think its like 2 more years – i have time!