unanimous looks CRAZY!

unanimous looks CRAZY!

hey hey! are you all watching idol & next top model? i am tivoing model & watching idol – i swear that lame ass kevin covais must leave – oh he is so cheesy & horrible (and from long island!)

anyways you must have have caught the promos running over on FOX for their new reality show unanimous which premieres march 22nd @ 930pm…can i just say this now – this show has the potential (in my humble pop opinion) to be the BEST reality show ever – the concept fucking rocks – i just hope they can pull it off (and keep it on long enough for all of us to find out what happens…remember ‘forever eden’) they are locking 9 strangers together in a bunker – who all must decide ‘unanimously’ who will walk off with a 1.5 million dollar prize – only one person can win and they can’t leave until it is decided – the crazy part is that as they hem & haw over who will get the money – the prize will go down – so they could milk it for quite some time and then the prize will be a lot less…oh my word! could you imagine being there? of course everyone wants the money – i think people are going to get just plain vicious & nasty – popbytes can’t wait! – i am over & out for now and will be back tomorrow of course…rock & blog on – xxoo!

In a dramatic new television experiment, a diverse group of nine strangers are locked in a bunker, where they’ll remain until they decide who is worthy of a 1.5-million-dollar cash prize.

There is a catch, though, because the longer it takes to make a unanimous decision, the less money there will be to win. If they take too long, they will be left with nothing.

Upon entering their isolated living quarters, the nine contestants are cut off from the outside world, locked away, and presented the opportunity to win $1.5 million. The only thing standing between them and the money is a simple vote. If they are able to come to a unanimous decision about who should win the money, the game is over. If the outcome of the vote is not unanimous, the money clock is activated and the cash prize begins its countdown with potentially thousands of dollars lost every hour until the next voting period.

In every episode, each of the nine contestants, who include a minister, an atheist, a ladies’ man and a feminist, must convince the others to vote only for him or her. Before the vote, personal facts, secrets and lies are revealed, perhaps helping them decide who should receive the money. As the game progresses, contestants will be eliminated from winning the cash prize, but – in a television first – they will continue to live in the bunker and will continue to vote.

Will contestants’ greed for the money outweigh their desire to help someone potentially less fortunate than themselves? Who will lie and connive, and who will be truthful and sincere? No matter what, the final vote must be UNAN1MOUS.