Tyler, The Creator tried to cover for Justin Bieber’s speeding

Tyler, The Creator tried to cover for Justin Bieber’s speeding
June 4, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Justin Bieber and Tyler, The Creator

Ever since Justin Bieber was allegedly caught speeding and then almost squashed like a bug by Keyshawn Johnson, Bieber’s defense was that Tyler, The Creator was actually the one driving, and Justin somehow managed to switch seats in the middle of it all so that Justin could park the car, which makes COMPLETE sense. Well, not really. Tyler tried to go on Twitter and admit to speeding, except according to TMZ, the Sheriff’s department isn’t buying it for one second …

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Sheriff’s investigators have at least 2 eyewitnesses who place Bieber in the driver’s seat. We’re told one witness is a neighbor who chased Justin down on foot, in his socks. As we first reported … Justin’s security people claim they have video showing Justin was NOT behind the wheel. We’re told the Sheriff’s Dept. has requested the video, but so far … nothing.

Hey, remember when being a rapper meant you had street cred and you could get shot nine times and still not die? Yeah, well now it means you drive around with Justin Bieber and immediately act as his patsy when the sheriff’s department comes knocking. HARDCORE! But back to the actual case: considering that Keyshawn was following Justin’s car around while he was allegedly speeding, this would mean that while Tyler was speeding in a moving car, Justin and him traded seats because apparently parking a car in a driveway is some sort of Herculean task that only a select few are capable of. TOTALLY PLAUSIBLE.

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