Twitter Feud: Kanye West takes on Jimmy Kimmel

Twitter Feud: Kanye West takes on Jimmy Kimmel
September 27, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Kanye West

After Kanye West decided to spend an entire interview with BBC Radio 1 talking about he’s Vanellope Von Schweetz (from Wreck-It Ralph) and everyone else should just let him be a racer, Jimmy Kimmel understandably jumped all over that nugget of delicious comedy for a spoof on his late-night talk show. But of course, Kanye is a thin-skinned lunatic, so he handled it exactly how you’d expect him too: A caps-locked Twitter rant, followed by a poor attempt at a meme.





Huh … so apparently, you CAN herp so hard you derp. Who knew? But really, people have been making fun of Kanye for years for being a delusional, egotistical, megalomaniac completely detached from reality, and every time Kanye throws a huge fit and at no point does it ever occur to him that maybe it’s his own damn fault. Because — and I’m just putting this out there — if your method of dealing with criticism involves misunderstanding a meme and screaming at someone about how they didn’t get your tie to a fictional cartoon character … you might be the one in the wrong here.

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