TV round-up!

TV round-up!
September 22, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

gosh there is literally so much on – i can’t keep track! so i wanted to update you with the hits & misses…



gosh what an episode for those of you who saw it on tuesday night – i couldn’t believe the carver actually raped dr. troy – but for some reason i still think it is a woman (ie a dildo) – i liked the storyline of heavy & stuck to the couch momma boone – but the last few mins of the episode were a little over the top and just a bit too gratuitous – i think they could have kept it to 60 mins rather than the extended 90 – the preview for the upcoming season does look hot though – so for sure i am in!

rockstar: INXS

congrats to the new lead singer – JD fortune – i had a feeling from the beginning that he would win – then i didn’t like his attitude and went to the marty camp – but i do think that JD is the best fit for the band – and i think marty will indeed have a great solo career – i can’t wait to hear his single ‘trees’ on the radio – since you know it will be! and the new INXS song they performed with JD was awesome – i hope our dear departed michael hutchence is looking down and happy that his band is able to still make great music – we do miss ya though michael…

r u the girl?

congrats to osokrispie who won the chance to sing on the new TLC single – as well as performing on stage – i have always been a HUGE TLC fan – and i so love T-Boz and Chilli – but we still do miss lisa lopes so much – i like osokrispie – she sure does remind me of lisa – and i have a feeling she will get to do more with the girls than just one single – although i was a bit bummed about the finale – as the gals were lip-syncing – it was so obvious – but i will let it slide for now – they all sure can dance like no one – will be very interesting to see what the future holds in store for TLC – i got my eyes on ’em for sure!


damn! someone is LIVING IN THE HATCH!!! that was crazy – he had dishes, blenders, records, work-out equipment, and even running water! and a trash can! – it looked like a normal apartment until you realized that he was actually in the hatch – they didn’t reveal his face to the end – but it was someone that jack (what a cutie matthew fox is – damn!) recognized from his past – a stranger who oddly mentored him and helped heal a patient of his to walk again…gosh i love this show – even though some questions were answered – i think even more popped up – i can’t wait for next week…


not so bad! i was thinking it would be ok – since ABC is using ‘lost’ as a lead-in to the show – something creepy is going down in the town after a big hurricane – aliens? perhaps? not sure yet – but i will say the sheriff and his wife are up to no good – and i loved when that little girl said ‘mommy you smell different’ – the show is a mix of ‘the x-files’ and ‘lost’ – the preview for the rest of the season looks enticing enough to keep it on my pop schedule…

the apprentice: martha

oh and finally our dear martha! i actually really liked it – first of the theme song for the show sweet dreams is great (love the eurythmics) – and martha came off as fairly warm & kind – the two teams had to make a children’s book and test it with a 1st grade audience – i liked the task – some of the contestants are cool – and i am so kinda over donald trump (and melania) – so i think martha is bringing a breath of fresh air that is much needed for a show that was heading to stale-ville – i may watch donald tonight – i haven’t decided yet…but go martha – i think yr jail stint has done wonders for ya!


phew and that’s just TV since tues night! gosh can you believe it? i actually had to skip the premiere last night of america’s next top model (2 hours was too much for last night) which i hope to catch on encore tuesday night – this time around janice dickinson is out as judge – and twiggy has taken her place – i miss janice already! anyways popbytes out for now – i shall return…xxoo

PS congrats to big brother 6 winner maggie – i think i would have voted for ivettedon’t ask me why – but for some reason i did enjoy her antics and attitude – the show kinda pettered out for me towards the end – but still was an enjoyable season all-around – ok i outtie!

PSS this just in from a good pop friend of mine – he saw ivette while at lunch – read on! thanks KP!

I had the most amazing lunch today! And no, it wasn’t the soup and salad combo! Sitting at the Grill in Hollywood was none other than Big Brother 6’s Ivette with her Mom, Dad and Girlfriend (aka Tush). After a moment of hesitation, my friend Leila and I wanted to at least welcome her back to the real world (if Hollywood counts as the real world). She not only was kind and engaging but spent a lot of time talking with us. It’s been only a day since she got out and she definitly had some things to say about her fellow houseguests. After all that was said and done on that show, I thought I’d never say it but Ivette rocks! She was warm, funny and really beautiful. And her girlfriend was cute too! I now kinda wish she had won…