Tunes on a tues – RuPaul!

Tunes on a tues – RuPaul!
September 21, 2004 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh shes back! and i love her! ever since gay pride in 94 in NYC – till now – she is the queen and
she is back! its rupaul! with a new hot allbum looking good, feeling gorgeous that hits stores today! i was lucky enough to get her
autograph when she did her autobio book – she was great and very gracious! and told my good friend
sarah b from nyc (oh its been too long honey!) that she wore her lipstick well! and i even briefly
dated larry tee back in nyc – he cowrote the song supermodel – you better work and he was a
hoot as im sure rupaul is!

so please do check out her site at rupaul.com – and even better visit her
weblog at rupaul.com/weblog.shtml and tell em popbytes sent you! and here are a sample of the
delicious lyrics for her hot new single…looking good, feeling gorgeous – this ones for you mr cubby…

woke up this morning, it