Trailer: Kardashian’s Kristmas special (Hoe, hoe, hoe)

Trailer: Kardashian’s Kristmas special (Hoe, hoe, hoe)
November 14, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

The Kardashian's Christmas Special

Remember how a couple months back, the Kardashians filmed their big fake Christmas special because they’re not even trying to hide the fact that it’s all one huge sham to bilk idiots out of their money? Well, that has a trailer, and it looks even bigger and faker and dumber than usual. And they’re even going to reveal their Christmas card on their show, because they actually think that’s important! Somewhere out there, The Grinch is hanging up his ratty-ass Santa suit, shaking his Who-head. “I tried to steal Christmas, oh what a chore! But it’s already been stolen, by a gang of Who-Whores.”

Jeremy Feist is an (ahem) entertainer from Toronto, Canada. He writes, acts, and performs on stage, and has been a writer for Popbytes for almost three years now. He lives in Toronto with his boyfriend, his incredibly dumb but cute puppy, and his immortal cat.