Tracy Morgan has Sarah Palin in his spank bank! GAG.

Tracy Morgan has Sarah Palin in his spank bank! GAG.
January 28, 2011 JEREMY FEIST

At this point I firmly believe that Tina Fey isn’t even writing any actual dialogue or plot-lines for Tracy Morgan on 30 Rock, because there is literally no difference between him and his character, Tracy Jordan. Anyway, it gets worse: Yesterday, Tracy went on live TV to say that Sarah Palin is good masturbation material. Gross.

During a pre-game chat ahead of the Miami Heat-New York Knicks clash, co-host Charles Barkley asked the actor, “Sarah Palin’s good looking, isn’t she?”

Morgan replied, “Let me tell you something about Sarah Palin, she’s good masturbation material. The glasses and all of that … She is great masturbation material.”

TNT issued the apology within minutes amid outraged phone calls and emails about Morgan’s comments, USA Today reported. SOURCE

This entire thing gets infinitely weirder when you remember that Tina Fey does a dead-on Sarah impersonation and she’s responsible for writing all his lines. I’m not saying that he’s probably just confusing the two, but I’d be hard-pressed to find a man who has heard Sarah Palin speak aloud and still find her attractive.

Tracy: Yeah she’s hot, but can we replace her voicebox with one of those squeaky things they put in Rubber Duckies?

Doctor: Well, we’ve already replaced her brain with a teen mom’s book report on Ayn Rand‘s Atlas Shrugged. The Sky’s the limit.