tori amos – the beekeeper

tori amos – the beekeeper
January 25, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh it’s a fucking great day – first the oscar nominations (it was early folks but i managed) (please click the rather large banner atop to see what all the fuss is about!) and then i got a first listen advance copy of my one and only ms. tori amos’ latest musical outing the beekeeper due in stores on feb 22nd – and it’s quite a different musical outing for ms. tori – eccentric and weird as always – i liken the album to taking a crazy-ass stroll through an english garden – full of herbs and spices – exotic and ordinary all the like – more percussion – some organs – and even a duet with singer damien rice on the power of orange knickers – i just think the gal can do no wrong in my eyes – i just love her! and she will be making her way to los angeles this spring and popbytes will be there in the front row (mr. cubby?) – more will be heard about tori as always on popbytes (she really is a popbytes top!) – much love as always!

ps and with songs titled like barons of suburbia who can go wrong? tori amos just rules all! get a life if you haven’t got a clue on tori…