tori amos fades to red!

tori amos fades to red!
December 15, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

ah so last week i posted on my beloved tori amos and i swore it would be the last post for a while…but the lady just released news that her videos are finally coming to DVD – fade to red a tori video collection (plus some extras) is to be released on feb 14th – valentines day! so i just had to post this latest bit of good tori news! so now i am REALLY going to leave her alone for a bit – if you are not a fan you must think popbytes is crazy yet if you are a fan – you totally get me & why i had to post again…plus for a special treat i have linked to an .mp3 below of one of my favorite tori songs ever cooling – played live from london this past june – it’s sorta a nice goodbye & see you in a little bit song – i so can’t wait for her next album sometime next year! happy holidays my tori – popbytes adores you!

» listen to tori amos’ play cooling live (.mp3 7.6mb)

Spanning 1991-2005, Fade To Red is a look at the unique and compelling videos that have been so integral to Tori’s creative vision. This 2 disc DVD set includes 21 videos as well as bonus features like behind the scenes footage and a comprehensive audio commentary by Tori, an insightful discourse into the making of her videos. Remastered in 5.1 Surround sound this is an audio and visual treat for all Tori fans.