tori amos bootlegs!

tori amos bootlegs!
August 30, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hi kids – well i was so excited this past week when my 2 new tori amos bootlegs arrived – she is releasing 6 official bootleg live concert albums in total – the first two being from chicago (auditorium theatre 4/15/05) and los angeles (royce hall auditorium 4/25/05) – they are direct soundboard recordings – and they are quite simply truly amazing as is my dear tori – i was blown away – as i am everytime i listen to tori – so i really wanted to share an .mp3 with you all – it’s tori’s cover of jules shear’s all through the night – and what a cover it is – and she even has a lovely little fuck up with the words – that alone is worth hearing the file below – gosh i do love tori amos SO MUCH – i just got my tickets in the mail for my santa barbara show – gosh i will feel so fancy – tori amos in santa barbara – who could ask for anything more? popbytes out for now…xxoo

» listen to all through the night (.mp3 6.5mb)