Watch: Tori Amos’ touching “Promise” video

Watch: Tori Amos’ touching “Promise” video
August 3, 2014 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

Tori Amos and Tash

I’ve been on a big Tori Amos kick as of late, not only did she release a stellar new album, Unrepentant Geraldines (iTunes), I recently caught her spectacular show here in Los Angeles at the Greek a few weeks ago. As most of you know, Ms. Amos is hands down my favorite musician, having been a huge fan since the release of Little Earthquakes back in ’91. This past week Tori dropped a music video for the duet “Promise” off the new album and features her daughter Natashya Hawley who will turn 14 in September. The resemblence between mother and daughter is uncanny, Tash totally reminds me of Tori and I absolutely love her voice, she’s definitely following her mother’s footsteps. Don’t miss the video below, it’s quite sweet to see Tori and Tash signing together, it totally got me so emotional.

“It was really fun to create with her, to talk about relationships between mothers and daughters, and she’s really funny. We have a different kind of relation than we did, because she’s at boarding school, and she’s become very independent. I would say the song takes on all of that relationship.” – Tori Amos

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