tonight tv madness! oh my!

tonight tv madness! oh my!
February 23, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

so tonight is one major night of television! it’s getting all a bit insane but don’t forget we are in the midst of those february sweeps! i wish it were TV sweeps all the time – i have 3 TVs – tivo and 2 VCRs – i think I can handle everything coming down the pike tonight (survivor, ice skating, dancing with stars, idol, csi)…props to tabloid whore who has been keeping tabs on all the idol stuff!

right now for me it’s overwhelming – i am more a top 12 kinda guy but i for sure have my favorites – like mandisa, paris bennett, and gray hair guy taylor hicks – he is so cool! plus i think i am in love with that guy ace young who sang ‘father figure’ one of my favorite songs ever…he could be my daddy anytime! anyways popbytes out until tonight – xxoo!

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